5 Requisites when optimizing your site – Website SEO

For any kind of business, Basic Search Engine Optimization is important and crucial. It helps in the proper search of your website when people need it at the critical points. The basic point here is what basically search engine is looking for? The thing that will attract both your visitors and all the search engines and the most important, how SEO can help your online presence grow into more cost-effective?
It was said by Shelby, “Skipping the basics of SEO and working on expensive and fancy stuff is like skipping brushing your teeth but wearing expensive perfume”.

How you can work on your Website SEO actually?

  • The main goal of SEO is to make a countless and continuous user experience.
  • Make sure to interconnect to the search engine your purposes so that they can endorse your website for applicable searches.

There are many things that you should keep in your mind when working on the online presence of your company, some of them will be defined below to help you in appropriate and efficient search results.


  1. Think of your online presence like a Cake

1-Website SEO Cake


All the paid search, links and social media works as the icing on your website but the info architecture, content, CMS and infrastructures works as the sugar and make the perfect cake. If you do not follow the correct structure, your cake will be tasteless, boring and will not be taken in the competition.


2- What basically Search engine wants?

what search engine wants

Search Engine wants to complete their job in the most effective and efficient way by linking the users to the appropriate website that is most significant to their requirements. So how is significance determined?
Optimization of Content: The content of the website SEO is determined by the titles, Meta tags and description that is on the given on the website.
Loading time of the website: Is your website working properly and is the loading time fast?
User Experience: The theme of the website, how does it look, is it enough user friendly, does it navigate easily? Does it look secure and safe?
These all things are taken in concern when search engines look for the applicable websites.


3-What Search Engines does not want?

what search engines not want

The spiders of search engine have limited storage data so never try to trick them, it will only affect your website SEO. The tips you should follow if you does not want to get affected, don’t overuse the keywords on your website.
Make the user experience of your website as easy as possible, using too many ads and making it difficult to find the content will increase your bounce rate.


4-Make sure you have idea of your business model

You should have proper idea of your business model, give focus to your main goals and the main criteria of getting visitors on your website.


5-Make sure to improve the Multi-channels

SEO channels

Keyword approach is not only for the implementation of on-site but you should prolong it to the execution of off-site SEO that will help you in multi-channel optimization.
Keep these rules in your mind and make the best website SEO and never try to skip the basics of SEO because it will only keep your website in a chaos.

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