Serve your Ad to 1,000 potential audiences (Best for Students)

$39.00 $32.00

We will serve your Ad to 1,000 potential audiences.

Excellent for students to get better results via our Digital Media Marketing.


  • Your Ad will serve to 1,000 targeted potential audiences
  • We will target 10 of your business competitor
  • 1 time each viewer can view your Ad per day
  • For better results, our experts will analyze your business & send you the Digital Marketing Plan according to your business needs.
  • Your ad will be displayed on:
  1. Cell Phones

  2. Tablets

  3. Desktops

  4. Laptops

  5. Android TV / Apple TV

  • For better results we will cover these Ad Types:
  1. Text Ads

  2. Banner Ads

  3. Direct Call Ads (Cell Phones Only)

  4. Android App Download Ads

  5. Video Ads

Videography will be counted as additional service & additional service charges will be applied.

  • The ads performance report will be shared with you at the end of each month.


How Digital Media Marketing Ads Works

Terms & Conditions

  • In Video Ads YouTube link will be provided by the customer
  • Videography: Our digital media agency will create video ads for startups. That means that your video ads receive in an instant response, making the conversion more likely. For details Contact Us.
  • The number of people who view your ad & Ad serves to the potential audience are expected & it may vary according to your location and our media plan.
  • The unlimited number of people who view your ads depends on your budget and your product demand.


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