Best Free Search Engine Optimization Tools for On-Page Optimization- Keyword Research

Businesses are growing rapidly nowadays, the main reason behind that is, they have the good and proper knowledge of search engine optimization and how to use its tools to optimize the site for better and efficient search results. There are many search engine optimization tools and techniques that helps in proper exploration of website. Some of the tools will be described in this blog; and hoping that they will help you for effective business marketing.

1- WordStream:

The first search engine optimization tool we are going to discuss is WordStream, it states both the search engine optimization and search engine marketing determinations so that they both can help you in improving complete search performance of the website.

WordStream Search Engine Optimization Tool is more than just PPC Software.

Its PPC software helps you in reorganizing all your search efforts, saves time and rises efficiency. WordStream’s SEO keyword tool helps you in researching ongoing keywords and also helps you in analyzing, organizing and act on your SEO keywords to get better results. This tool includes keyword research, long tail keyword tool and SEO content creation.
WordStream helps you in making search engine optimization easy and better enough to market your website and also delivers SEO content tools that will increase your search engine marketing success.

2- Keyword Eye:

There are many things that keyword eye can help you with such as quick keyword research; it lets you search the best keywords immediately. Competitor’s keyword; lets you find out the competitor’s keyword they are using for organic and paid search. Trending content; you can check the trending keyword of top ranking search.

Keyword Eye Search Engine Optimization tool makes the research of keyword more interesting, fast and simple.

Keyword Eye’s features include keyword suggestion, competitor analysis, content and influencers and link analysis. Find the keywords with keyword eye and make your business grow.

3- Übersuggest:

Ubersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that uses good services of all the different suggestion facilities. It works by submitting your query, selecting the language and source; it gets suggestion either from different websites or from other search aspects. With this free tool, you can get thousands of keywords ideas from real user queries. It will help you in optimizing your PPC campaigns.


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