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It is very important to have a business online nowadays, and to keep the website online, you have to keep a close eye on it. We know that it is not at all easy for you to take time out of your precious time to monitor.

Now don’t worry for the next 6 months, we will do it for your business at a very reasonable price.


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3 Major Benefits of Website Maintenance:
  • Reduced Unexpected Bugs & Down Time
  • Better user experience
  • Grow your business

What includes in the Website Maintenance Package:

  • Security maintenance

Security is the major reason for website maintenance. Attackers are always searching for ways to try and break into a company’s site. Especially those websites with access to customer details and financial information. Like every eCommerce & business website.

Website security needs to be tighter than tight. Regular maintenance checks are what will reveal vulnerabilities and allow you to fix them before they’re found by anyone else.

  • Functionality maintenance

Most of the time the functionality of the website goes down after some time due to various reasons. We periodically test the functionality so that the functionality on your website remains the same and your visitors do not face any problem.

  • Content maintenance

We will update your website content that you provide to us*.

We will also update the products in your eCommerce website*

If you need to change an image on your website, we will do so*

How can we sell products via eCommerce?

Terms & Conditions

This package is contentiously valid for the next 6 months from the starting date & it is renewable as per your choice.

After maintenance scope finalization, everything contained in Content Maintenance will be subject to a fair use policy.

After review If we found anything outside the scope, additional charges will be applied and inform you prior

Any amendments like new functionality, multi-language and etc will be charged separately.

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