Terms & Conditions

The accompanying terms and conditions apply to all site advancement/ outline administrations gave by IT Lands to the Client.

  1. Acceptance

It is not vital for any Client to have marked an acknowledgement of these terms and conditions for them to apply. On the off chance that a Client acknowledges a quote then the Client will be considered to have fulfilled themselves as to the terms applying and have acknowledged these terms and conditions in full.

If you don’t mind read these terms and conditions precisely. Any buy or utilization of our administrations infers that you have perused and acknowledged our terms and conditions.

  1. Charges

Charges for administrations to be given by IT Lands are characterized in the task quotation that the Client gets by means of email. Quotations are substantial for a certain time limit (IT Lands decides). IT Lands maintains all authority to adjust or decay to give a quotation after expiry.

Installment for administrations is expected by bank exchange. Bank subtle elements will be made accessible on receipts.

  1. Client Review & Additional Support Services

IT Lands will furnish the Client with a chance to survey the appearance and substance of the site throughout the outline stage and once the general site improvement is finished. At the finishing of the undertaking, such materials will be esteemed to be acknowledged and sanction unless the Client tells IT Lands overall inside two (2) working weeks of the date the materials are made accessible to the Client on staging and before live.



The following types of maintenance activities will be performed for customer`s website.

Perfective Maintenance

Perfective maintenance encompasses changes demanded by the user or the system programmer to perfect the system as users gain experience with the website.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is maintenance due to the changes in the environment of the website that is, reflecting the changing needs of the organization.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is the correction of undiscovered system errors. These modifications may involve simple changes to correct coding errors to more extensive changes to correct design errors.


IT Lands will provide maintenance and post-delivery support of the website to customer. IT Lands will provide Corrective Maintenance of the website free of cost for the first 2 (two) weeks (and will be initiated within 2 (two) working days) after the implementation of website whereas the Perfective and Adaptive maintenance of the website will be charged separately for 75% of the total cost of the project. Although maintenance contract will be executed on a per year basis, payments will be on 6 (Six) monthly basis (in advance).

  1. Turnaround Time and Content Control

IT Lands will introduce and openly post or supply the Client’s site by the date determined in the task proposal, or at date concurred with Client upon IT Lands getting starting installment, unless a postponement is particularly asked for by the Client and concurred by IT Lands.

As an exchange, the Client consents to delegate a solitary individual as an essential contact to support IT Lands with advancing the commission in an agreeable and practical way.

Throughout the task, IT Lands will require the Client to give site content; content, pictures, films and sound records.

Change control management will be applicable whenever the client requests for change in the existing scope/business as defined in the sign-off requirement.

The change control activities include request, evaluation, approval or disapproval and implementation of changes to the baseline items. Changes encompass both error correction and enhancements. The configuration management plan defines the following sequence of specific steps:


Request Changes

Any request for change to the baseline configuration item is to be documented in a given format. The same is to be passed on to the IT Lands team by the requester for consideration. Moreover IT Lands will cater three free revision requests (within scope/any bugs found) when project is on revision phase. After competition of project IT Lands will give staging link to our respected customer to ensure quality to maintain satisfaction level with customer, and after written approval from customer IT Lands will deliver project as committed. Any change after approval will be considered as change request that charged separately.

Evaluating Changes

IT Lands team on receiving the change request will analyze the impact of the change on the deliverables and also will evaluate the effort required to carry out the change. IT Lands would be responsible for evaluating the impact on operation process. The finding of the impact analysis is also documented and forms the input for the next activity.

Approving Changes

Based on the results of previews phase, a recommendation would be made to either

  • Approve the change as requested
  • Approve with
  • Delay to completion on phase/project
  • Increase in costs
  • Combination of above
  • Approval withheld until completion of task/phase/project
  • Approval postponed until completion of task/phase/project


Implementing Changes

Every approved change request will be taken up for implementation within agreed time frames. Reviews are done to ensure the implementation of the change. The changed items are re-configured and released with a new baseline.

IT Lands shall prepare a detailed written quotation for each change, and provide it together with the request for changing or within 1 week of the customer requesting a change. The quotation shall set out the schedule for carrying out the change and a fixed cost for doing so and additionally, describe the impact to the cost, risk or schedule of the rest of the work.

Changes to the contract can be agreed by authorized representatives of both parties who shall have the necessary authority to offer and accept the terms of any proposed changes and will be defined in a separate document.

Any request for change to the baseline configuration item is to be documented in a given format. The same is to be passed on to the IT Lands team by the requester for consideration. Moreover IT Lands will cater three free revision requests when project is on prototype phase. After competition of project IT Lands will give staging link to our respected customer to ensure quality to maintain satisfaction level with customer, and after written approval from customer IT Lands will deliver project as committed. Any change after approval will be considered as change request that charged separately.

Any changes accepted by the customer shall be governed by the terms of the contract.

  1. Payment

Receipts will be given by IT Lands upon finish however before distributed the live site. Receipts are typically sent by means of email; then again, the Client may decide to get hard duplicate receipts. Invoices are expected upon receipt.

  1. Additional Expenses

Customer consents to repay IT Lands for any extra costs essential for the culmination of the work. Cases would be buy of extraordinary textual styles, stock photography and so forth.

  1. Web Browsers

IT Lands attempts to guarantee sites are intended to be seen by the larger part of guests. Sites are intended to work with the most mainstream current programs (e.g. latest version of Firefox and Google Chrome). Customer concurs that IT Lands can’t surety right usefulness with all program programming crosswise over distinctive working frameworks.

IT Lands can’t acknowledge obligation regarding site pages which don’t show acceptably in new forms of programs discharged after the site have been planned and gave over to the Client. As being what is indicated, IT Lands maintains whatever authority is needed to quote for any work included in changing the site configuration or site code for it to work with overhauled program programming.

  1. Termination

End of administrations by the Client must be asked for in a composed recognize and will be powerful on receipt of such perceive. Email or phone demands for end of administrations won’t be regarded until and unless affirmed in composing. The Client will be invoiced for configuration work finished to the date of first perceive of wiping out for installment in full inside thirty (30) days.

There is no guarantee of emails to be received in inboxes.

  1. Indemnity

All IT Lands administrations may be utilized for legitimate purposes just. You consent to repay and hold IT Lands innocuous from any cases coming about because of your utilization of our administration that harms you or any other party.

  1. Copyright

The Client holds the copyright to information, documents and realistic logos gave by the Client, and stipends IT Lands the rights to distribute and utilize such material. The Client must get authorization and rights to utilize any data or documents that are copyrighted by an outsider. The Client is further in charge of giving IT Lands consent and rights for utilization of the same and consents to repay and hold innocuous IT Lands from any cases coming about because of the Client’s carelessness or failure to get fitting copyright authorizations. An agreement for site plan and/or situation should be viewed as an assurance by the Client to IT Lands that all such authorizations and powers have been acquired. Proof of consents and powers may be asked.

IT Lands will not be responsible for the website to be blocked, according to any act of copyright.

  1. Standard Media Delivery

Unless overall defined in the venture citation, this Agreement accept that any content will be given by the Client in electronic organization (through email) and that all photos and different representation will be given via email in excellent print suitable for examining in .gif, .jpeg, .png or .tiff format. Albeit each sensible endeavor should be made by IT Lands to come back to the Client any pictures or printed material accommodated use in formation of the Client’s site, such return can’t be ensured.

  1. Design Credit

A connection to IT Lands will show up in either little sort or by a little realistic at the bottom of the Client’s site. On the off chance that a realistic is utilized, it will be intended to fit in with the general site plan. On the off chance that a customer asks for that the configuration credit be uprooted, an ostensible expense of 10% of the aggregate task charges will be connected. The Client likewise concurs that the site created for the Client may be displayed in IT Lands’s portfolio.

  1. Access Requirements

On the off chance that the Client’s site is to be introduced on an outsider server, IT Lands must be allowed provisional read/compose access to the Client’s capacity indexes which must be available by means of FTP. Contingent upon the particular nature of the undertaking, different assets may additionally need to be arranged on the server.

  1. Post-Placement Alterations

IT Lands can’t acknowledge obligation regarding any modifications brought about by an outsider jumping out at the Client’s pages once introduced. Such adjustments incorporate, however are not restricted to increments, alterations or cancellations.

  1. Domain Names

IT Lands may buy area names for the benefit of the Client. Installment and restoration of those space names is the obligation of the Client. The misfortune, retraction or generally of the area realized by non or late installment is not the obligation of IT Lands. All domain will be registered register under infoATitlandsDOTcom email address. The Client ought to keep a record of the due dates for installment to guarantee that installment is accepted in great time.

Before domain registration, customer will provide required ten (10) Domain names (with TLD) priority wise out of them the available one will be selected.

In case of domain registration IT Lands will be the owner of your domain moreover if you want to transfer your domain from IT Lands to another company, customer will be responsible to pay complete transfer fee in advance.

  1. General

These Terms and Conditions supersede all past representations, understandings or assertions. The Client’s signature underneath or installment of a development charge constitutes consent to and acknowledgement of these Terms and Conditions. Installment online is an acknowledgement of our terms and conditions.

  1. Liability

IT Lands thus rejects itself, its Employees as well as Agents from all and any obligation from:

  • Loss or harm brought about by any incorrectness;
  • Loss or harm brought about by oversight;
  • Loss or harm brought about by deferral or mistake, whether the consequence of carelessness or other cause in the generation of the site;
  • Loss or harm to customers’ craftsmanship/photographs, supplied for the site. Irrelevant whether the misfortune or harm results from carelessness or generally.

The whole risk of IT Lands to the Client in appreciation of any case at all or rupture of this Agreement, whether emerging out of carelessness, should be constrained to the charges paid for the Services under this Agreement in admiration of which the break has arisen.

  1. Severability

In the occasion any one or a greater amount of the procurements of this Agreement might be held to be invalid, illicit or unenforceable, the remaining procurements of this Agreement should be whole and the Agreement might not be void hence alone. Such invalid, unlawful or unenforceable procurement should be supplanted by a commonly adequate legitimate, lawful and enforceable procurement, which comes closest to the aim of the gatherings underlying the invalid.

If the code is being try to modify under any circumstances other than IT Lands team, IT Lands will disown the project and will not cater any further maintenance support hence the contract will be expired at that very moment without any refund.

All other terms are same as mentioned in our IT Lands Terms and Conditions section.