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Unlock Your Real Estate Business’s Full Potential with Our Revolutionary CRM System – Empowering You to Close More Deals and Build Lasting Relationships!

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Contacting a Real Estate Customer has Never Been Easier!

Digital Real Estate services provided by IT Lands are backed by their expert knowledge and years of experience in the field. The Real Estate Marketing Customer Relationship Management System is a shining example of its commitment to providing innovative solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences. With this CRM system, customers can easily manage their property, communicate with agents, and receive customized recommendations that meet their unique needs. The system’s functionality ensures that customers are kept up-to-date with the latest information and never miss a beat. At IT Lands, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the best possible digital real estate services, and the Real Estate Marketing CRM system is one of the many tools we offer to help our customers succeed.

So take advantage of IT Lands as it is a Google Verified Marketing Agency. We helped many startups and growing companies in getting better results via our Digital Media Marketing expertise.


IT Lands CRM Packages

Cloud Starter

For Small Businesses
Shared Cloud CRM + Basic Real Estate Website
79 for the first three months
(Limited-Time Offer)

€99 Per Month
(after the first three months)

Annual Subscription Discount: 10%
  • Shared Cloud CRM with Standard Features
  • Basic Real Estate Website with Essential Features

Why Choose Cloud Starter?

1. Affordable entry-level package for small businesses.
2. Shared Cloud CRM for cost-effective operations.
3. Limited-time offer for enhanced value.


Cloud Starter
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Properties
  • 1 GB Storage
  • Shared RAM
  • 10 Hourly Queries Replies
  • Branded Loyality Cards (free add-on)
  • Branded Invoices & Qoutes
  • Manage Support Tickets
  • Broadcast & Announcements
  • Property & Client Files Management
  • Staff Tasks & Files Management
  • Included WordPress Lead Generation Form Plugin
  • Non-Customizable

Business Boost

For Medium-Sized Businesses
VPS - Silver Tier CRM + Premium Real Estate Website
249 for the first three months
(Limited-Time Offer)

€299 Per Month
(after the first three months)

Annual Subscription Discount: 15%
  • VPS - Silver CRM with Advanced Features
  • Premium Real Estate Website with Advanced Features

Why Choose Business Boost?

1. Tailored for medium-sized businesses with growing needs.
2. VPS - Silver for enhanced performance and features.
3. Exclusive limited-time offer for added savings.


Business Boost
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Properties
  • 100 GB Storage*
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Unlimited Hourly Queries Replies
  • Branded Loyality Cards (free add-on)
  • Branded Invoices & Qoutes
  • Manage Support Tickets
  • Broadcast & Announcements
  • Property & Client Files Management
  • Staff Tasks & Files Management
  • Included WordPress Lead Generation Form Plugin
  • Customizable as per business requirements*

Enterprise Power Suite

For Large-Scale Businesses
VPS - Platinum Tier CRM + Advanced Real Estate Website
599 for the first three months
(Limited-Time Offer)

€699 Per Month
(after the first three months)

Annual Subscription Discount: 20%
  • VPS - Platinum CRM with Premium Features
  • Advanced Real Estate Website with Exclusive Features

Why Choose Enterprise Power Suite?

1. Designed for large enterprises with high web traffic.
2. VPS - Platinum for top-tier performance and capabilities.
3. Unprecedented value with a substantial introductory offer.


Enterprise Power Suite
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Properties
  • 400 GB Storage*
  • 60 GB RAM
  • Unlimited Hourly Queries Replies
  • Branded Loyality Cards (free add-on)
  • Branded Invoices & Qoutes
  • Manage Support Tickets
  • Broadcast & Announcements
  • Property & Client Files Management
  • Staff Tasks & Files Management
  • Included WordPress Lead Generation Form Plugin
  • Customizable as per business requirements*

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Unlock Success with Our Free Branded Loyalty Card Add-On!

Elevate Your Real Estate CRM Experience with Our Complimentary Branded Loyalty Card System

Tailor Your Real Estate CRM Experience with Powerful Customizations

Immerse potential buyers with 3D virtual tours and virtual reality (VR) experiences, revolutionizing property exploration from the comfort of their homes.

Employ advanced AI algorithms to automatically score and prioritize leads based on behavior and interactions, optimizing sales efforts for high-potential prospects.

Engage prospects effortlessly with automated email and SMS drip campaigns, delivering personalized content and property updates over time.

Enhance the mobile app experience with real-time push notifications, geolocation-based lead capturing, and easy access to property listings and contacts.

Streamline property listing processes by integrating with popular real estate portals, ensuring seamless data syncing across platforms.

Foster client autonomy with a self-service portal, providing access to property details, documents, transaction history, and direct communication with agents.

Enhance communication by integrating with Facebook Messenger, allowing for seamless interaction and improved customer engagement.

Manage social media campaigns and track leads generated from various platforms directly within the CRM.

Streamline tasks such as lead follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and contract management with expanded workflow automation.

Provide real-time market insights, including property pricing trends, local market statistics, and competitor analysis.

Simplify online contract signing with integrated electronic signature services.

Cater to a diverse clientele by offering multi-language support within the CRM.

Enhance user convenience by providing various contact import options, such as CSV or Excel file uploads, integration with popular email services, and compatibility with contact management apps.

Integrate a client activity tracking system to monitor user interactions within the CRM, providing agents with valuable insights into client preferences and behaviors.

Integrate a client activity tracking system to monitor client visits at your property or not.

Incorporate a comprehensive commission management module, allowing agents to track and manage their commissions seamlessly within the CRM.

Enhance productivity by adding task and appointment reminder features, ensuring that agents never miss important deadlines or client meetings.

Integrate a feedback and rating system, enabling clients to provide reviews and ratings for properties and agent services, fostering transparency and trust.

Provide agents with a tool to track their expenses related to property viewings, marketing, and other activities directly within the CRM.

Enable offline functionality for the mobile app, allowing agents to access essential information and perform key tasks even without an internet connection.

Implement a property comparison feature, enabling clients to compare multiple properties side by side based on key criteria.

Empower users with the ability to generate customized reports and analytics, providing insights into their performance, property trends, and overall CRM usage.

Offer real-time chat support within the CRM, allowing clients and agents to communicate instantly for quick query resolution.

Simplify the onboarding process for new clients with a user-friendly wizard that guides them through setting up their profile, preferences, and property requirements.

Enhance property listings with interactive maps and comprehensive neighborhood information, providing clients with a holistic view of the surroundings.

Implement intelligent notifications that keep users informed about property updates, market trends, and relevant news tailored to their preferences.

Provide users with granular control over their notification preferences, allowing them to choose their preferred communication channels for updates and alerts.

SMS Notifications Receive important updates and alerts via SMS for immediate attention and convenience.

Email Notifications Customize email notification preferences for timely updates, property alerts, and CRM-related communications.

WhatsApp Notifications Integrate WhatsApp into the notification system for direct messages, property updates, and quick and efficient communication.

Seamlessly capture leads from WhatsApp conversations and automatically insert them into your CRM for streamlined follow-ups and tracking.

Capture leads from SMS interactions and effortlessly add them to your CRM for effective lead management and communication.

Convert VOIP voice call inquiries into leads within your CRM, ensuring no lead goes untracked or unmanaged.

Enhance your CRM experience by easily inserting voicenotes into agent notes, providing a more efficient and personalized way to capture and store information.

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Experience with IT Lands' Real Estate Marketing CRM System!

As a Real Estate Digital Advisor, I have worked with many CRM systems over the years, but none have impressed me quite like the Real Estate Marketing Customer Relationship Management System offered by IT Lands. The system's functionality ensures that customers are always up-to-date and never miss out on important information, which is crucial in today's fast-paced real estate market. The ability to manage a property, communicate with agents and receive customized branded recommendations is a game-changer for both buyers and sellers. The seamless integration of the CRM system into the overall digital real estate experience provided by IT Lands sets them apart from their competitors. I highly recommend the Real Estate Marketing CRM system to anyone looking for an innovative and effective way to manage their real estate journey.

Real Estate Digital Advisor - IT Lands Tweet

Streamline Your Real Estate Business with IT Lands CRM Solution: Enhancing Customer Experience and Boosting Your Success!

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Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business with Our Life-Changing CRM System!

Real Estate Agent Testimonial

As a Real Estate Agent, I have seen firsthand the impact that the Real Estate Marketing Customer Relationship Management System has had on my business. The CRM allowed me to stay in constant communication with my clients, replying the customer queries, and keeping them informed and up-to-date on new properties, market trends, and other relevant information. The ability to manage property searches, schedule viewings, and send customized recommendations has made the entire real estate process smoother and more efficient. The system's user-friendly interface has also helped me manage my client database and streamline my workflow, allowing me to focus more on building relationships and providing personalized service to my clients. I highly recommend the Real Estate Marketing CRM system to any Real Estate looking to take their business to the next level.

Sheikh Kareem - Real Estate Agent Tweet

Ready to Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business?
Get Our CRM Now!

Unlock Success with Our Real Estate CRM System

Welcome to the hub of real estate innovation – introducing our state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed to elevate your business to unparalleled heights.

Explore the Power of CRM

Discover the comprehensive features and benefits our CRM offers. Learn how it transforms real estate operations, streamlining tasks, and fostering efficient collaboration.

Seamlessly Navigate Your CRM Experience

Embark on a guided tour through our user-friendly CRM interface. Navigate effortlessly, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your team as you explore the full potential of our system.

Your Business, Our Priority

Witness the customized solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your real estate enterprise. See how our CRM adapts to your business requirements, offering flexibility and scalability.

Invest in Your Real Estate Future

Ready to revolutionize your business? Dive into the transactional phase as you explore pricing plans, features, and seamless integration options. Take the leap towards optimizing your real estate operations.

This CRM isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in your success journey. Let’s embark on this transformative experience together. Elevate your real estate business – invest in our CRM solution today!

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Terms & Conditions

  • Elevate your CRM experience with Cloud Starter! Your package comes with a powerful 1 GB Website Hosting, ensuring seamless performance. Enjoy the same incredible features as our basic hosting package tailored for Small Businesses. Similar matching applies to CRM Business Boost for Medium-Sized Businesses with Silver VPS and CRM Enterprise Power Suite for Large-Scale Businesses with Platinum VPS. Seamlessly powered by advanced IT Lands hosting
  • Website refers to real estate website package.
  • Customization refers to the option of having our team modify it based on the agreed-upon scope.
  • In the first three months of service, we optimize server performance to ensure the seamless setup and configuration of your CRM. This adjustment is done behind the scenes to guarantee a smooth user experience without any interruptions or delays.
  • Your billing period commences on the day of your order. Simultaneously, we will set up and configure your CRM to ensure a seamless integration process.


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